Owned by the same family since 1922.

The 1920s was an eventful decade. Baseball became the most popular sport in the U.S. For less than $300.00 you could buy a new car, thanks to Henry Ford’s assembly line. Eliot Ness pursued Al Capone. Women gained the right to vote and competed for the title of Miss America. And, with less than 500,000 miles of paved road, the 1920s also saw the rise of such famous buildings as the Wrigley Building and the Chicago Tribune Tower. This restaurant was also built during that era. Since 1922, Jack Gibbons restaurant has been providing our customers great food, a great atmosphere and great service. We thank you for dining with us and hope to see you again soon.

Jack Gibbons Gardens
147th & Oak Park Ave.
Oak Forest, IL 60452
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